Vegan sweets for kids

This is the name of the dish we have chosen for you; Vegan sweets for kids

“But if the child eats vegan – does not everything escape him”? Which one does not hear this sentence before? I’m not sure what kind of old chocolate lady is. Parents who feeds their children, and they need to know what they need. With these three tricks you can make a good conscience:

1. Fruit instead of gum apple

Most children eat what is offered. So how about a chocolate bar with a fruit kebab, a hi a ghost to me ? Even fresh berries are always popular. Especially frozen berries become half-thawed. So the niece is so nasty.

2. Homemade is half eaten

What a treat! This can be both a gorgeous raw chocolate fondue , as well as an almond honey date , which is absolutely irresistible. For example, those who want to eat a banana in a half of a time I can not wait to go down. the child is happy,

3. Sweet supermarket

Sometimes it’s okay. However, if you know in advance what is vegan is, it is easy to use it. 

Vegan sweets for kids vegan recipes  Vegan sweets for kids vegan sweets

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