Vegan Raw Vegetable Rolls

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Vegan Raw Vegetable Rolls are my favorite food for dating with friends. Just grate or cut the vegetables, soak the glass noodles and make a good gravy, and if you like, maybe fry the tofu.

Then you put everything on a table, and off you go the “roll”. And nobody is dissatisfied, because everyone fills the role as he wants. Oh, is not that great? And it’s also a great allergy-friendly food. No gluten, histamine or soy rice (as long as you omit the tofu ). And there’s always a vegan option if you’re invited.


About 10 rice paper leaves (22cm diameter)


2 carrots, chips
1 small salad, roughly plucked
½ cucumber, chips
¼ bunch of mint leaves
¼ bunch of coriander
1 cup of sprouts
½ tase peanuts, chopped and seared if desired
1 cup of radish, sliced
½ avocado
100 g of soaked (ready-to-eat) brown rice noodles
Optional: mini asparagus (raw), and 200 g tofu, sautéed with soy sauce and coconut blossom sugar

Vegan Raw Vegetable Rolls


Fill a deep plate with warm tap water. Keep the rice paper in the warm water and moisten from both sides until it is elastic. Place the soft rice paper on a work surface. Fill, not too much, on the rice plate and fold like a burrito
Repeat this with your other roles. Serve and enjoy the rolls with your sauce.

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Vegan Raw Vegetable Rolls gluten free quick vegan recipes vegan recipes  Vegan Raw Vegetable Rolls quick vegan recipes

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