Vegan omelette with chickpea flour and wild garlic

We have prepared a vegan omelette every now and then, and in our book Vegan breakfast everyone can find a very delicious recipe with tofu shrugged. But hey, better – or should I say “different”, because our tofu version is awesome! – always works, right?

Will the perfect vegan omelette succeed even without silk tofu? One neatly thick and yet fluffy? Well, and it should taste really good.

Here are the last details. That just does not make sense. It is simply tastes great.

At the end of the day The glory can sometimes deceive. You know what you’re going to say is really bad in the pants!

Anyway, I’ve got a good deal.

The moment of truth came. Can you break the pamp simply break apart?

We could once again rely on our sweet tapioca starch . She hadn’t let her hair sit on a genius elasticity, which was otherwise an egg hinbekommt. And because the question is so often: No, no, no! Starring in Tapioca Not by cornstarch, not by potato starch by

Or two secret number type is Aquafab A , that is chickpea water instead of regular water. Whites

We stayed at the Chickpea Inn. We’ve already eaten it in dozens of variations and it’s incredibly fast.

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It always fits. Our spring is a favorite variant of the wild garlic! Otten Do you also collect diligently yourself?

To press

30 Minuten Preparation 30 minutes
30 Minuten Total 30 minutes

  1. Mix chickpea flour, tapioca starch, Kala namak, baking powder and turmeric powder.
  2. Mix with yoghurt alternative and Aquafaba to a smooth dough.

  3. For each omelette add 1/2 tsp of olive oil. Cooked lid with lid.
  4. Then fill in half and serve hot.

Sauté garlic leaves Of course it also works with other herbs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.

We like to serve chutney with our vegan chickpea omelette.

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