Tomato – chickpeas – soup II

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This is the name of the dish we have chosen for you; Tomato chickpeas soup

Working time: approx. 30 min. Rest period: approx. 1 day / level of difficulty: simple / calorie p. P .: not specified

Soak 150g of chickpeas for about 24 hours.
Dispose of soaking water, bring the chickpeas to a boil with one liter of fresh water, reduce heat, possibly remove foam with a perforated slotted spoon.

Chop the onion into hot oil, fry the finely chopped garlic, add a fork of finely crushed tofu and allow to fry until the tofu turns slightly tan. Add to the soup, as well as
Laurel leaves, turmeric, crushed cumin, tomato paste and finely chopped ginger, add 1 pinch of sugar, close lid and let simmer for about 45 minutes.
The can of tomatoes and 1 tbsp. Granulated vegetable stock pure, boil, down from the heat, with an electr. Purée puree slightly, it should be a little bit the peas recognizable, seasoning possibly with herbal salt spice.



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