Roasted carrots with miso mustard glaze

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This is the name of the dish we have chosen for you; Roasted carrots with miso mustard glaze.

Hey, if you make the effort to cook a whole menu for the family, you might as well want to add a bit of table decoration, right?

The beautiful, new plates are on the table, possibly even the inherited silverware is taken out of the closet – and stowed away again, because firstly it is not even as chic as you thought and secondly you have no desire, the unspeakable started First to polish the knife, fork and spoon for hours. Completely understandable, the everyday cutlery does it too.

But hey, even the dishes you cook up can be extremely decorative. A bombastic-beautiful side dish should therefore not be missing at this year’s Christmas menu.

And do not worry, that does not mean that you have to stand in the kitchen for hours and make elaborate preparations. Actually, even the opposite is true, because we do not even peel and cut our roasted carrots with miso mustard glaze.

Which brings us back to a basic principle that we preach annually: The holidays are becoming hectic enough anyway, so let’s save ourselves at least the menu of the potential stress factors that can ruin your whole day.

The vegetables can already be prepared the day before and covered in the refrigerator pack until it comes to pre-heat the oven. This meets well anyway, because then the flavors can get to know quite informally and without hassle.

Get fresh, beautiful organic carrots with green at the weekly market. The green turns into delicious pesto , the crunchy carrots are well cleaned, slightly pungent and then come in a marinade of sweet and medium-hot mustard from our friends of Löwensenf , delicious olive oil, of course garlic, orange zest and light miso paste which are almost too good harmonizes with the other flavors and not to forget our main course, which we present you next Thursday.

The now empty, actually quite schnieken mustard glasses can be up-and-down and quickly upcycled to discreet decoration for the Christmas table. Which brings us back to the beginning of my story. Because, admit it, you have not thought of what the candles on the table fit, right? Do not worry, if you have 5 minutes, I’ll show you how crafty rather inferior ladies and gentlemen can make a home improvement aristocracy. I speak from experience, I rather inherited so left hands.

But I wanted the bottle Schneider , the Nadine had bought out of interest years ago, but has since eked be out of the closet, anyway try finally.

And lo and behold, this thing even works! And I’m always so excited when I manage something crafty. There were even times when I was proud to have a lamp fixed to the ceiling.

But enough of me and my artisan pride, you wanted to know how to make candle glasses:

The blade is placed directly below the upper part of the mustard jar, then the glass is scratched with some pressure neat and with a small Bunsen burner and some ice water can be the upper part including Löwensenf logo then simply remove. Nothing against the logo, but the table decoration does not necessarily have to be branded. Rework a little with fine sandpaper, wrap a coarse string around the underside and fix it with a few drops of hot glue and a nice last-minute candleholder from scrap glass.

Well, it was not that hard. And believe me, our roasted carrots are even easier. Especially if your talents are more rooted in the kitchen – like mine.

Total 40 minutes

  1. Wash carrots well, do not cut off green too generously. Slightly pinch the carrots with a knife so that the marinade can move in.

  2. Press garlic, mix with the remaining ingredients except the salt to a marinade. Rub the carrots with half of the marinade and leave to soak in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

  3. Preheat oven to 180 ° C top / bottom heat. Place the carrots on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and roast for 30 minutes. Turn around halfway through the time.

  4. Mix the carrots with the rest of the marinade, sprinkle with salt and serve.

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