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Glorious meeting of yogurt and semolina: Revani.

Very tasty and satisfying dessert, also light.
After dinner, it goes very well. Those who wish can add orange juice and decorate it with orange peels.


3 eggs
1 tea cup candy
1 cup of yogurt
1 finger missing liquid oil from 1 cup
2 cups grits
1 cup flour
1 packet of baking powder
Walnut on request

For Sherbet:

4 cups of sugar
4 cups of water
Half a tablespoon of lemon juice
Service recommendation: Ice cream with vanilla


First, prepare the sherbet, water and sugar in the pot until boiling and boil the mixture.
Boil the half and boil for 15 minutes under boiling.
Add lemon juice at the end of 15 minutes and turn on the stove after boiling for 1-2 minutes.
To find out whether you have a grout before closing the last quarry before the last quarry of your finger to the fingernail of a drop of syrup to turn your hand is not dripping grubs:) meanwhile the sherbet must be cold.
Then set the oven to 180 degrees.
Beat the eggs and sugar for 3-4 min.
Then add yogurt and oil.
Then put the semolina and mix with the spatula.
Sift flour and baking powder and mix for the last time.
Pour your greased big size mortar and pour into the oven where you are heated. You can also add walnuts upon request. Cook over and over until it blushes.
After removing from the oven for 4-5 min to warm up the first heat.
And then pour an equal amount of sherbet into the soured portion. When it has cooled down, you can serve it with ice cream. Enjoy your meal.

Revani desserts  revani desserts

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