Palak Tofu Paneer

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This is the name of the dish we have chosen for you; Palak Tofu Paneer

Popeye’s favorite time is running – October and November is big spinach season! Whether in our Spinach Pumpkin Lasagna , in our Bowl with Spinach Hummus or in our Onigirazu : Spinach should not be missed.

I still wish for a larger selection of “leafy greens” , ie green- leafed vegetables that can also be cooked. The salad department is not valid! And then, next to spinach, Swiss chard and Pak Choi, which has only been around here for a few years, it is already difficult, right?

So I really enjoyed fresh spinach in October and November and could really beat the spinach of all spinach dishes every day: Tofu Palak Paneer!

Here you can bathe the fried tofu pieces in a creamy-spicy spinach sauce, which you will still lick from your plate. Wanna bet?

The Indian dish is super simple and easy to cook, but you should keep a few tips in mind so that the beautiful green sauce does not turn into a dark brown pool. The eye finally eats with it.

The trick is to briefly blanch the spinach and then quench it in ice water. So our tofu palak keeps the beautiful green color! This is done really fast and hardly any extra effort. By the way, you can cut onions and cook rice. Or, if you feel like it, fix our Knobi-Naan bread  in the pan, of course.

With the bright green paste, which is very reminiscent of a thick green smoothie or the “blubb” of childhood, it can now cook wonderfully.

And of course, fry the tofu! This always brings extra flavor and makes sense in almost all tofu dishes. For our tofu Palak Paneer, we prefer fermented tofu , as it has a delicious sour note that is just incredibly delicious and fits perfectly with the recipe. By the way, the Indian “feta-like soft cheese” is referred to as the “paneer”, but it is a great substitute.

Even our homemade tofu has a great, soft texture and tastes great here. Of course you can also just use your favorite natural tofu of your confidence. Nevertheless, I urge you to take the fermented tofu for this recipe!

The actual sauce is then made fix: in the still hot pan, we give fine spices such as cumin seed, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, laurel and fenugreek and sweat them together with the onions. Then add a few tomato cubes and our pureed spinach and the spinach taste bomb is ready!

For me, the intriguing Indian dishes are always the incredible balance of a wide variety of spices, which are often difficult to determine individually, because everything is only used in perfectly matched cans.

Just like with the sauce to our tofu Tikka Masala ! Have you already tried it? Of course, our fluffy Knobi-Naan bread is also a great match.

Granted, the dish is not the nicest we’ve ever cooked, but believe me it’s definitely one of the tastiest

To press

Preparation 10 minutes
Preparation 20 minutes
Total 30 minutes

For the spinach paste

  • 500 g leaf spinach fresh
  • 1 piece of ginger about 3 cm
  • 3 toes of garlic
  • 2 green chilies
  1. Put the spinach into a saucepan with boiling water and blanch for 2-3 minutes with the lid open.
  2. Then drain off water and put spinach in a bowl of ice water.
  3. Puree the cooled spinach together with the remaining ingredients for the paste and set aside.
  4. Put 2 tablespoons of rape seed oil in a hot pan and sauté tofu for 5 minutes, then remove and set aside.
  5. Finely chop the onion. To dice tomatoes.
  6. Add the remaining oil to the hot pan and fry the onion in a medium glass for 2 minutes. Stirring occasionally. Add spices and stew for another 2 minutes.
  7. Add the diced tomatoes and salt and cook for a further 3 minutes.
  8. Add spinach paste, 300 ml of water and curry powder and tofu and simmer over medium heat for 2 minutes.
  9. Serve with basmati rice, naan bread, cucumber and onion pices.

For easy and quick pickles, simply cut onions and cucumbers into thin slices, pour over a bit of white wine or apple cider vinegar and season with a pinch of salt. Then you prepare yourself for the curry preparation and when everything is on the table, the pickles are finished.

If you do not like raw onions, try  this variation .

Palak Tofu Paneer spinach recipes  paneer Palak Tofu Paneer palak

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