Entry vegan 5 vegan basics

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Eating vegan is not difficult. Especially at the beginning, however, you need the basic knowledge you need to cover your protein needs and what can be eaten instead of milk or meat.
For the simple vegan boarding we have therefore put together 5 vegan basics for you, with which you are always well taken care of.

1. Tofu

This extremely versatile all-rounder should not be missing in any vegan cuisine. Tofu is made from cooked crushed soybeans. It serves many as a meat substitute, is a good source of protein (15.7g per 100g) and contains hardly any fat.
Anyone who has not yet eaten tofu, should first taste the variety offered, because each type of tofu and brand tastes different.

  • Silk tofu is very soft and easy to process into a cream. Diced, it can be added to a soup or mixed with cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and agave syrup to make a tasty chocolate pudding.
  • Tofu nature is relatively tasteless, which is why it can be varied by adding spices or marinade (eg from soy sauce). A recipe for baked tofu can be found
  • Smoked tofu is usually somewhat firmer than Naturtofu and has a slightly smoky note. Tofu skeptics should take their time with the tofu tasting, because every product tastes different. For example, the tastes surprisingly refined
  • If you prefer to make tofu yourself, you will find a .

Even for soy allergy sufferers who have to do without tofu, there are alternatives. For them there are products from lupins eg from the company .

2. Legumes

Cherry peas , lentils and beans are delicious protein sources. They contain a lot of vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Especially the dried version is extremely cheap . Simply soak dried legumes in water overnight and then cook. With spices, fresh herbs and some fried vegetables, legumes can be easily taken as a snack on the go . Mixed into a porridge they are a delicious spread and even beans and chickpeas are suitable for baking .

3. Nuts

Nuts not only contain a lot of protein, but also many healthy fats.

As nutmeg, in the morning cereal or as a small snack in between, they can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. To make nuts easier to digest, it is recommended to soak them before.

4. Vegetable milk

is still the most popular alternative to cow’s milk, but there are now many alternatives such as , or hazelnut An overview of herbal milk can be found or

5. Cereals

Pseudo cereals (pseudocereals)

Pseudo-cereals are the grains or fruits of the plants that do not come from the family of sweet grasses, but look like corn and can be used as well. They are all a healthy change from cereals and gluten-free.

But do not forget: To ensure a balanced diet, fresh vegetables and fruits should be the main part of food intake.

Entry vegan 5 vegan basics vegan recipes  Entry vegan 5 vegan basics Entry vegan 5 vegan basics

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