Broccoli parsnips and coconut curry

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You will love Broccoli parsnips and coconut curry, which is a great way for children to eat vegetables.


1 head broccoli


1 can of coconut milk

6 EL soybean cores

200 g Basmatireis

1 small chili pepper (n)

1 tbsp, dried curry powder

1 toe / n


1 tsp, dried cumin powder


Wash the vegetables, cut the broccoli into florets and the parsnips into finger-thick slices.

Cook the basmati rice with 2-3 times the amount of water.

Heat the oil in a pan, the chopped chili and then the vegetables

5 min. braise golden brown. Add the spices, salt and the squeezed clove of garlic.

Deglaze with half a cup of water or vegetable stock.

Now the coconut milk (I have used organic coconut milk 40% coconut and 60% water, evt seven) and 15 min. Simmer.

Roast the soy beans in a separate pan and sprinkle over the dish. Add the rice as a side dish.

A splash of lime / orange and a teaspoon of peanut also go very well with it.

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