Avocado fries from the airfryer

This is the name of the dish we have chosen for you; Avocado fries from the airfryer.

Creamy avocado, crunchy coated with a light panko coating and rice flour with a touch of garlic and chilli. In addition, there is a fast-stirred, but damn delicious and light soy yoghurt dip and our kitchen favorite and “Gaffer Tape of the Kitchen” Sriracha .

Everyone has heard of these hot air fryers in the meantime. But the marketing promises really sound like agents on the front door, right? The spam mail of the last millennium. Frying without oil? Yeah, sure. Sorry, no time right now.

But well, I’m just a victim when it comes to buttons. Gadgets? Always with it, I have to try. Kitchen utensils purism? No chance. And it really is only the damned little place in our kitchen, that devices come and go or even not be purchased. For example, we do not have a toaster. Shocking truth.

But what we have now is an airfryer. Whether it can be abused as a toaster, will still show, but what he can schonmal ever, are fries . Because let’s be honest: Ninety-nine kommaneun percent of those who put such a hot air monster in the shack, him and then throw themselves as the very first fries in the throat. French fries just make you happy. (Air) fried sunbeams, as our friend Mia would say. And without wanting spoilers: he can cook our oven fries  and sweet potato fritters . And how. Oops, but spoiled.

For our avocado fries, it is best to use relatively hard fruits. Not only can they be handled more easily when it comes to breading, but they also soften when baking and can also be eaten without the face and fingers looking like those of an injured hulk.

The breading consists of pancakes, rice flour, spices and your favorite, best unsweetened vegetable milk. We use soy milk, but of course the recipe also works with oat or almond alternatives. The roughly finger-thick avocado slices are turned on your breading station once briefly in corn or potato starch, then come in the rice flour-soy milk mixture and finally crunchy breadcrumbs may cling to it. We take Panko, but also good old breadcrumbs or gluten-free alternatives work 1A. If you want to make 80s for a while, you take cornflakes, but please do not tell anyone that we suggested it – it’s not hip anymore.

And now comes the crazy part of the story: our avocado fries are sprayed with only half a teaspoon of oil (which is more than close to the promise of using up to 90% less fat), get into the airfry basket and reach 200 ° C air-fried for 14 minutes until they are golden brown and so crispy that your neighbor’s ads are not unlikely due to noise pollution. Well, because of the already punishable crunch when eating is understood.


Total 25 minutes


  • 2 tablespoons of parsley chopped
  • 1 lime
  • Halve avocado, stone and cut into finger-thick slices. Carefully peel off the peel.Prepare three bowls for the breading station. Fill one with cornstarch, the second with smooth-stirred rice flour, yeast flakes, garlic powder, salt and soy milk, the third with breadcrumbs, dried onions and chilli flakes.Turn the avocado slices one after the other into cornstarch, rice flour mix and breadcrumbs. Each excess breading drain.

    Sprinkle breaded avocado with 1/2 tsp of oil, place in the airfryer basket and air-fry at 200 ° C for 14 minutes. Turn around halfway through the time. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with Sriracha yoghurt and lime wedges.

    Preheat oven to 200 ° C top / bottom heat. Sprinkle breaded avocado with 2 teaspoons of oil, bake for 20-25 minutes, turn after half of the time. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with Sriracha yoghurt and lime wedges.

    Stir all ingredients for the dip until smooth.

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