4 tips against food waste

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1. The best before date

The best before date, as the name implies, means that the food is kept for at least as long as it is on the pack, not at most! So you do not have to throw it away. Many products are still very long-lasting, such as dried legumes, cereals and many canned foods. For fresh food, the date can not be exceeded for months, but also applies here: Just because the best before date is already a day ago, the soy milk does not have to land in the sink. The smell test usually provides information on whether the expired is still edible. So, have a good look, smell, taste and, if it’s still good, keep using it .

2. Proper storage

  • Vegetables and lettuce stay fresh for longer when stored in in the fridge.
  • Tomatoes, fruits (except berries), peppers, onions and potatoes are not in the fridge.
  • Store fresh herbs in a damp cloth in the vegetable compartment.
  • Keep grain and flour cool and dry.
  • Store nuts as cool as possible. For the refrigerator, pack airtight.
  • It is best to pack already cooked food in

3. Upgrade the old

4. Food “waste” recycling

  • Whether as a fertilizer or to keep the outflow, old coffee grounds can be quite a lot. You can find tips at beechange
  • Do not throw away fresh pumpkin seeds , but
  • Dye with onion peels or peels of beetroot: simply bring to a boil and then you can develop a reddish-golden or pink tincture to color fabrics or other foods. How about self-righteous pink pasta?
  • as eye mask, against bad odors or as plant fertilizer. The most creative becomes it!
  • Lemons and orange peels (sprayed!) Can be processed into a super aromatic salt. Simply layer salt and peel in an old glass, cover it and after a few days you have a seasoning salt, which reminds of summer. Or simply remove the peel of lemons and oranges with a Zestreiser or kitchen slicer and dry them before eating the citrus fruits. Store the dried peel pieces in a jar and refine cakes, but also soups and sauces. What you can do with the citrus peels, you can see
  • With , you can also do a lot, such as cleaning shoes or acne and even fighting warts. Only if they are really good in the food, we are not so sure.

But best of all, you only buy what you really eat, so there’s no chance of food waste! Do you have any more tips in stock?


4 tips against food waste Blog  4 tips against food waste

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