10 tips for vegan slimming

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For you; 10 tips for vegan slimming

1. Seductive vegan finished products only in exceptional cases!

Even if they are terribly tasty and invite you for a quick snack in between. Most finished products contain a lot of unhealthy fats, sugars, and usually saturate only briefly. Therefore: Better to cook fresh and grab healthy snacks.

2. Have a healthy vegan snack

Muesli bars (yes, they’re full of sugar and fat!), Chocolate, crackers, etc. are of course perfectly fine, if they remain exceptions. Prefer a piece of fruit, dried fruit, a handful of nuts, a few vegetable sticks. If you always have these secret weapons with you, no cravings in the world can harm you anymore.

3. Breakfast is a must!

Also, if you are in a hurry, or in the morning still no appetite. Never leave the breakfast off! Add nutritious satiety, such as nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, chia seeds, buckwheat, oatmeal, amaranth, quinoa and other healthy things. Try something new. Make your breakfast a highlight of the day so that your day can start wonderfully.

4. Healthy, vegan dinner

Try to adjust your dinner to your daily habits and your hunger. Avoid fatty, heavy foods in the stomach. Replace bread, pasta and other high carbohydrate foods with vegetables or a salad. Use delicious side dishes, such as a vegetable patty, nuts or a delicious dressing, to give your dinner that certain something.

5. Stop eating when you are full

Large plates, large portions and the urge to empty the plate. The problem is obvious. Most of the food, although they are already full. Listen to your body, let something lie. You can either store food leftovers in a refrigerator box or freeze them. From fruits and vegetables from the day before can be super smoothies conjure. So you do not have to throw anything away.

6. Little vegan helpers against a growling stomach

There are foods that sweeten our lives. This can be chocolate, or a food that makes us hungry. An example of many are chia seeds. They swell in the stomach after a short time, so that 2 spoons in the stomach cause miracles. Shirataki noodles (eg from Kajnok ) have less than 10 calories per 100g. Pectin in apples, combined with water, also becomes a small hero against hunger.

7. Vegan shopping tip

Of course, the offer in the health food stores and the vegan supermarkets is irritating. So always go shopping with a shopping list. Buy only what you have previously noted. Because once you have the little mean calories sins home, you will eat them too!

8. Planning is half the vegan life

Since cooking with fresh ingredients is of course an advantage, you can save a lot of time with a few small tricks. Cook for a few days in advance, freeze soups, sauces, vegetables etc. ready made. Take a basic recipe and vary it daily with other additional ingredients to add variety. At the beginning of the week, think about what you want to cook and plan your time slots, where you can find time to cook. So you’re not tempted to grab finished products!

9. Bold vegan fat traps

Many ready-made sauces, dressings and marinades contain a lot of fat. Use low-fat variants and make your dressing, your sauce, your soup yourself. Use baking paper instead of turning your food into oily marinades and your cakes in greased baking dishes to turn calorie bombs.

10. The best for last: If you move a lot, you may reward yourself more often.

With the right amount of exercise and sport you can lose weight much easier and even small exceptions and sins you can easily compensate. Take the stairs, instead of the lift, walk instead of taking the bus, ride a bike rather than a car. Reward yourself with a healthy, colorful fruit salad, rather than a chocolate. Set athletic goals and share your achievements with your friends. So even a diet can be fun.

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